Koita Wins New Product sofi Award

Koita Foods, the maker of premium Italian plant-based milks, announced that its Organic Almond + Coconut blend won the New Product Award in the Plant-Based Milk category as part of the Specialty Food Association’s (SFA) 2021 sofi Awards. Created by Italian baristas, the newest addition to Koita’s line of clean-tasting, shelf-stable plant-based milks received the only award in the Plant-Based Milk category. This is Koita’s first sofi Award. Organic Almond + Coconut offers a unique blend of organic almond and coconut milks. Created by a group of four Italian baristas and great for frothing, it’s a smooth and luxurious addition to any coffee drink. Koita’s Organic Almond + Coconut Plant-Based Milk is non-dairy, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, and free of carrageenan. 

“This award is such a huge honor for Koita. We just launched our plant-based milk line in the U.S. last year and I’m so pumped for more people to see why our Italian-sourced milks are so buonissimo”, said Koita Foods’ Founder Mustafa Koita. “To be recognized by the industry for our commitment to quality, flavor and innovation is fantastic stamp of approval for our brand in the U.S.”