Mustafa Koita

Founder & CEO

The team calls him “Chief Everything Officer”. Mustafa Loves (with a capital ‘L’!) listening to consumers and spends most of his time developing Koita’s new products based on what they tell him. When not supporting his ‘awesome’ team in achieving the brand’s vision through strategic advice, it’s been reported Mustafa has aspirations for various baseball caps. You may also find him stalking people in the milk aisles to learn about buyer behavior - he’s not weird, it’s his business!

Saziye Gungor

Supply Chain Manager

She’s a bookworm at heart, an avid traveler, obsessed with trying out new recipes - but it’s not all fun & games for Saziye. When she’s not reading books (sometimes 3 at a time!) she’s ensuring Koita’s procurement process runs as efficiently as possible. She handles everything from inventory planning to procurement management and even new product development! She’s extremely meticulous and loves ensuring 100% perfection to Koita’s global operations.

Mohammad Houri

MENA Sales Manager

Mohammad is always in search for the best partnerships to help grow Koita. Responsible for planning and implementing the sales strategy; if you asked Mohammad what his favorite part about his work is, he’d say it’s the diversity - working in sales means no day is the same as the previous for him. He loves how hard his team works and how well everyone gets along. When he’s not selling, you can find Mohammad indulging in his serious addiction to Gelato, playing tennis or exploring restaurants with the family!

Nishita Shah

Marketing Manager

She is here, there, everywhere. Sitting in the US, she wakes up grudgingly at 5am to happily talk marketing across all of Koita's 11 markets. Nish and her team manage whatever is remotely defined as marketing (which could essentially be anything). Digital, social, creatives, customer service, partnerships, budgets, relationships, website, agencies, influencers, PR and anything in between. She loves the chaos and thrives on checking off the tasks from her ginormously long to - do lists. For her, the best part about being a Marketing Manager with Koita is that there is ALWAYS a place for innovative ideas.

Ali Husain

Business Development

Ali is a fitness junkie! He’s an avid footballer and has a healthy obsession with all kinds of physical exercise. Ali’s favorite part about his work is bustin’ out his favorite tunes while driving around town trying to close the biggest and best deals. He has a strong passion for exploiting new business opportunities that help grow Koita's sales. Extremely direct, Ali doesn’t care much for small talk - “how are you” is the most you’ll get out of him!

Diana Pogoriliak

Key Accounts Manager

You will never see Diana smile in pics...even on social media (although her poses are to die for!). That’s because she always keeps it professional. Diana's motto in life is “keep moving forward” and this has helped her manage Koita’s HORECA with grit! Sales is definitely her “thing”. She loves meeting new people, creating new connections, and challenging herself with new goals. She describes herself as a responsible and persistent individual. She is an active person who in her free time travels, cooks, takes many serious pictures, and spends quality time with her family and friends.

Nathalie Atallah

HR Consultant

So what makes this awesome KOITA team click? That would be where Nathalie steps in😊. Now consulting for KOITA after her previous corporate HR career, Nathalie rushes from virtual calls to café meetings (and still squeezes in the school pick-up) looking far and wide to attract the best and the brightest. She designs the greatest company policies (and makes sure everyone follows them), compensation and benefits, and professional and personal growth opportunities to make sure KOITA is always a supportive, dynamic, safe, healthy and fun workplace—just like a family should be!


Dairy Icon

Daisy was employee NUMERO UNO! Even though we don't sell Dairy products in the US market, she needs to be mentioned. She is very particular about representing Koita diary in the most environmentally friendly and humane way. She visited Vicenza, Italy (where Koita cows' hang out) and observed how the cows are treated like royalty. She also accompanied Penelope to the farms where the organic oat, almonds, soy, and rice are grown and was happy to report that the grass tasted sweet and free of any bad stuff! She has been promoted for her dedication a few times.


Plant Based Icon

A fairly recent hire, Penelope has been the ultimate Koita plant based icon. She is super active, is always professing the advantages of plant based diets, and frankly makes us happy as she insists on being present on every plant based communication we churn out. (Pssst...we think she is jealous of Daisy who is featured on the packs so be nice to her.)