A WORD FROM OUR FOUNDER My name is Mustafa and I launched Koita Milk in 2016. (That’s me with my family in the pic!). I was born in New Jersey (don’t hold that against me!), grew up in Chicago and, after a career in the defense industry and living in a few countries, I started Koita in Dubai, UAE. In 2016, I had 3 employees and 2 products and today I am proud to say that without my current 20+ person team, I would not have been able to be successful in 10 countries with almost 20 products!  

SO WHY CLEAN ITALIAN MILK? When I was living in Dubai, each summer, my family and I would travel to my hometown in Chicago, primarily so the kids could spend time with their grandparents (who would spoil them!). On our way back, we would pack at least one suitcase with organic food as it was hard to find quality organic food for my kids in Dubai.

As a parent, I wanted to give to my kids – Serena, Danyal and Sophia – the best organic and fresh food possible and I was not alone. With that goal and my passion for healthy living and giving back to my community, I founded Koita Milk to bring quality organic food to parents in the region. I started with Organic Dairy milk and have now expanded to Lactose-Free and Plant-based offerings so depending on the market needs and gaps, I am able to offer the right products.

And NOW… I’m bringing our plant-based line back home. I bet you’re thinking…why the US? There are LOADS of competitors and plant-based milks are everywhere! You aren’t wrong and that’s what I thought too – at first. But it turns out people LOVE the taste of our milk. They taste happiness … Literally because Koita is PREMIUM ITALIAN … the ingredients are all ethically sourced from the fertile lands of the Italian Alps (the coconut comes from Thailand, of course!). None of our plant-based milks have nasty stuff and with no artificial preservatives. The coconut and almond milks are organic and all of them are NON-GMO.  

And before I forget, Koita milks are also shelf stable. So, you can buy loads and store them in your pantry for months. I can go on and on about Koita because I love the products (they also carry MY NAME so…) but as someone famous once said, “The proof is in the pudding!” …so try some and tell us if YOU taste happiness.