Lead with a purpose – Mustafa Koita x Saahil Mehta

Today we discussed everything about Leading with a Purpose and Mustafa shares how his journey to find his purpose changes as he evolves over time and its okay to keep this as a dynamic variable factor when you're starting off than to go for perfection from Day 1.

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Hello USA! Koita has landed from Italia.

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Koita Donates Ramadan Fridges

If you are in the UAE (or anywhere!) #GetInvolved​ w/Ramadan Fridges! Very proud to be a part of this. Big UPs to all the parents, kids & Kris Fade for supporting a wonderful cause! Please SHARE and lets all get the word out! #EatGood​ #FeelGood​ #DoGood​ #GivingBack

TEDx Talk by Founder & CEO of Koita Organic Milk

Tedx Youth Talk by the Founder & CEO of Koita, Mustafa Koita. Held at American School of Dubai

Koita is Now in the US!

Hello USA, Koita has finally landed here. Here's the Koita story told by our founder.

Koita Collab with Barry’s Bootcamp

We collabed with Barry's to give you a kickass shake - Koita Krush

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