Why Koita?

Hi there, welcome to Koita. Our mission is to bring you the healthiest, best tasting,100% pure plant – based milks (although, we call them beverages on our packs). They are shelf stable, can be stored for 12 months and yes, they still taste amazing in month #12! Launched in 2013, Koita has been working hard to bring happiness to all its customers.

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The Koita Difference

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Clean Taste

Everyone says it’s yummy..a clean taste with no artificial preservatives… And we know that it’s good for you because we know what goes in it and what doesn’t. Our plant – based farms follow the best environmentally friendly practices so that we can make sure that all our produce is sourced ethically. Koita products are packed in 100% recyclable TetraPak paper with resealable twist caps.

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100% Made in Italy

Every single one of our products are grown, manufactured and packed in Italia! Koita
products have a superior quality and clean taste. The Italian almonds, oats, soy and rice are grown in one of the most fertile lands located near the Italian Alps.

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Shelf Stable

With a shelf life of ~12 months, neither the taste nor the nutritional value is compromised. The Koita UHT process keeps the nutrients and vitamins intact while getting rid of the bad bacteria. And…the air tight aseptic TetraPak packaging allows Koita Beverages to enjoy a longer shelf life which means pantries can be stocked up! The result is a long life,clean tasting, “good for you” product.

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Where to Buy

Koita products are now available online via www.epallet.com

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Relax and wait to taste happiness!

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