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Koita Premium Italian Plant-Based Milk Line

Koita Foods announced that it has secured distribution for its premium, Italian, plant-based milk line in several grocery chains and independent grocers throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic.

The creamy,clean-tasting milks are now available on the shelves at Balducci’s, Crosby’s, Kings Food Markets and Labonne’s Markets.

Koita’s six plant-based beverages offer a 100% pure, clean taste. That’s because these creamy, shelf-stable milks are grown, produced and packed in Italy. The milks are made with ingredients grown in Italian Alps, which boasts one of the purest soils in the world. It’s that nutrient-rich soil that leads to Koita’s set of plant-based milks, much like other Italian favorites such as wine, pasta and cheese.

Koita plant-based milks are available in six flavors: Organic Almond, Oat, Soy, Soy for Coffee. Rice and Organic Coconut.

The main ingredients are sourced in Italy, with the exception of the coconuts, which come from Thailand. All flavors are non-dairy, vegan, non-GMO and free of nasty additives. Koita’s milks are produced in Italian factories that follow strict cleanliness guidelines. 

Nearly all of the products are shelf stable at room temperature for 12 months – the Organic Coconut for 10 months – because they are steam-treated using an innovative process that retains taste and extends shelf-life. Koita is sustainable, with TetraPak packaging that is recyclable and shipments that arrive by sea to ensure a lower carbon footprint.