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How did Koita start?

Koita was founded by concerned parents who wanted to offer the best organic products possible to their families. They spent 2.5 years listening to thousands of people from the region.  They also researched what the most important aspects were of organic products such as credible certifications, Vitamin D3, no plastic, etc. Next, they traveled around the world in search of the happiest grass-fed cows.  Finally, they found the best milk from renowned dairy farms in Italy! Koita Organic Certified Milk comes from ‘happy grass-fed cows’  and is the highest quality, tastiest, and creamy organic milk!

Where does Koita produce their milk?

Koita traveled to the East Coast, the Midwest and the West Coast of the US, the UK, throughout Europe, and even in the Middle Eastern region to find the highest quality premium organic milk, they finally chose Italy.

What’s unique about Koita Organic Milk?

Koita Organic Milk comes from happy grass-fed cows and produced in Italian fertile lush farmland!  European farms typically use less water to produce a liter of Milk versus an artificial farm that is dependent on energy-intensive desalination.  Another advantage of long life, UHT milk is it can be delivered by sea rather than air freight, which significantly reduces its carbon footprint.  Koita Organic Milk is produced under strict EU Certification processes by one of the most trusted certification agencies in the world.

Koita Organic Milk is Organic Certified and has no artificial preservatives, no toxic pesticides, no growth hormones, and no antibiotics.  While it has added Vitamin A and Vitamin D3.   Also, it is Eco-Friendly in so many ways!  Koita Organic Milk is packed in TetraPak paper, rather than plastic.

What Does UHT Mean?

UHT stands for Ultra High-Temperature processing also known as Ultra Pasteurization. UHT is a food processing technology that sterilizes liquid food. This pasteurization process involves heating the milk to above 135 °C / 275 °F for 1-2 seconds as this is the temperature required to kill spores in the milk.

UHT is a means of heating milk for a few seconds with steam and then immediately cooling it down to kill off nasties and preserve all the goodness. Here is the thing… all milk, including your usual short life (a.k.a. fresh) variety, is also pasteurized using heat treatment. The main difference between UHT and the traditional method is the temperature it’s done at and the time. Koita immediately packages our premium Italian milk using air-tight Tetrapak cartons (no plastic – hooray!) designed to keep light and oxygen out and the creamy goodness in. You don’t even have to refrigerate the cartons until after they’re open!

What is the difference between fresh milk and UHT milk?

First of all, most people don’t realize but both short life (also known as fresh) and long life (also known as UHT) are pasteurized. By pasteurized we mean heat-treated to eliminate bad bacteria. Ultra Heat Treatment (UHT) is a means of heating milk for a few seconds with steam and then immediately cooling it down to kill off nasties and preserve all the goodness. The only difference between UHT and the short life (a.k.a. fresh) method is the temperature it’s done at. Koita immediately packages our premium Italian milk using air-tight Tetrapak cartons (no plastic!) designed to keep light and oxygen out and the creamy goodness in. You don’t have to refrigerate the cartons until after they’re open.

What about the nutritional value of the milk?

Does the UHT pasteurization process affect it? Nope! In fact, Koita’s organic UHT milk and fresh milk have the same quality of proteins and the key vitamin, riboflavin, is unaffected by the process. And just to ensure that Koita’s milk exceeds customer standards, milk is enriched with halal-certified Vitamin A and D3. And since Koita’s milk doesn’t need to be flown to retain its freshness, they’ve reduced their carbon footprint by opting for sea shipments from Europe.

What kind of Vitamin D3 does the milk contain?

Koita Organic Milk has added Vitamin D3, which is plant-based and Halal certified. D3 is also a form of vitamin D with superior absorbability in the stomach.

What varieties of Koita Organic Milk are there?

Koita’s Organic Milk range currently comes in these varieties and sizes:

What is Koita Lactose-Free Milk?

A person is lactose-intolerant if their body cannot produce the enzyme lactase which breaks down the sugar in milk. Koita adds the natural enzyme lactase to its premium, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free milk in order to make it lactose-free. The enzyme breaks down the lactose sugar in milk into more easily digestible sugars called glucose and galactose. This allows people who are lactose intolerant the ability to enjoy drinking and/or consuming milk. Koita Lactose-Free Milk comes in the following variety and sizes:

*Low Fat (Semi-Skimmed) 1.55%: 1 litre & 200ml kids size with a resealable cap

Where Can I Buy Koita Milk?

You can purchase our milk in our online store or find your nearest retailer.

Is Koita Socially Responsible? Absolutely!

We pledge to donate a portion of our annual profits to local charities in each country our products are in! In the UAE, we work with Adopt-A-Camp and Al-Ihsan and with the Disabled Children’s Association in Saudi Arabia. They are all great causes and we’re very proud of what they’ve done!

How can I buy Koita Milk online?

We’ve made shopping on as easy as possible. When you find a product you want, just add it to your cart. Once you have everything you need, click on the checkout button. Making a payment at is secure and simple. You can use any major credit card (we don’t accept debit cards yet), PayPal, or cash on delivery (COD). You’ll then be asked for your bank details and delivery address. If you’ve already registered with, you don’t even need to do this as your details will be automatically retrieved when you enter your password. Now you can leave the rest up to us, as everything is delivered straight to the address of your choice. Delivery takes 2-3 working days in the UAE.

Can I shop on using my phone or tablet?

Yes, our website works on all mobile devices.

How can I get more product information or product details?

At Koita, it’s our number one priority to make sure you’re as comfortable and confident as you can be about your purchase. If you have any questions, just drop our customer service team an email quoting the product and your query.

Is my information safe when I shop on

Koita goes to great lengths to make sure that all the details you entrust us with are 100% secure. We don’t share your personal details with companies that are not part of the payment, order, or delivery process. We also use the latest technology to ensure that your card and account details cannot be accessed by any third party. Whenever you log in to your account or make a payment we use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with industry-standard bit-encryption. Look out for the HTTPS address at the top of the page. We also comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, which means we regularly assess the vulnerability of all our IP addresses to external interference. If you want more details, have a read through our Security Policy.

Is customer service available in English?

Yes, our customer care is available in English. To reach customer care please email

How can I know the prices of your products in currencies other than UAE dirham?

Currently, our only currency supported is the UAE Dirham.

Why did Koita choose to produce their milk in Italy?

We finally chose Italy because it has one of the most fertile environments, coupled with very experienced and strict EU organic certification processes. Yet the root of the choice was the fact that frankly, the Italian milk tasted the best!

What is Long Life, UHT Milk?

Long Life Milk or UHT milk is processed differently than fresh milk so that it can have a shelf life of six to nine months. This alternative processing is called HTST pasteurization- a food processing technology that sterilizes liquid food. This is where the milk is heated to a high temperature of 135 °C / 280 °F for a short period of time, 1-5 seconds, then flash cooled and finally packaged in an aseptic container. If the container remains unopened, it has a typical unrefrigerated shelf life of six to nine months.

Does Koita Organic Milk have artificial preservatives?

No, Koita Organic Milk is Certified Organic with no artificial preservatives, no toxic pesticides, no growth hormones, and no antibiotics.

Is Koita UHT, Long Life Milk?

Yes, Koita has perfected a way to provide fresh creamy tasting organic milk with a 6 months shelf life whilst using NO artificial preservatives! It can be stored at room temperature and chilled before serving. Furthermore, it is produced from 100% Pure, fresh organic cow’s milk rather than powders. Koita uses a process called UHT whereby we heat the milk with steam for just a few seconds and cool it down immediately. Then, we put it in an airtight aseptic Tetra Pak package made from paper that is environmentally friendly while preserving the milk’s original taste and freshness. Yes, it tastes great!

What is the difference between Long Life Milk, UHT milk, and fresh milk?

Yes. UHT, Long Life Milk has the same calories and calcium as fresh milk. The UHT, Long Life Milk’s protein structure is different from pasteurized milk which prevents it from separating in cheese making. It does have lower folates and possibly lower levels of vitamin B12, vitamin C, and thiamin. The biggest difference between pasteurized milk and UHT, Long Life Milk is that UHT Milk has a shelf life of 6 – 9 months.

Is Koita Milk Pasteurized?

All milk is pasteurized with the exception of milk that’s marketed as “raw” (milk that has not been pasteurized). Any milk that is marketed as UP or UHT or HTST has been heated to high temperatures to kill the bad bacteria (and some good ones) so it can be stored for a longer time.

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