Why Koita?

Hi there, welcome to Koita. We’re a company whose mission is to bring you the healthiest, best tasting, 100% pure organic dairy, lactose-free and plant-based milks. Launched in 2013, Koita has been working hard to bring happiness to all its customers. Koita is thrilled to partner with Ramanico Delights to build the Koita brand and bring happiness to Singapore! Find out more about Koita.

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The Koita Difference

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Best Tasting

All our milks are produced and packed in Italy, which is why they taste the best. Our cows are grass – fed and roam around freely in the stunning Italian alps. Our non – GMO oats, soy, rice, and almonds are grown in pesticide – free farms and our organic range is EU certified Organic.

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100% Pure

All of our milks are made with real ingredients. Our mission is to offer healthier, high quality milks without compromising on taste. Plus…there aren’t any artificial preservatives, hormones, antibiotics or pesticides – ONLY clean tasting goodness!

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Sustainable Farming

We try our best to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible whether it is adopting a no straw policy, committing to recyclable packaging, transporting shelf stable milk by sea, using less energy and water to produce Organic milks or running a paperless organization!

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Where to Buy

Want to buy some Koita? Koita products are available in your favourite stores and online via e-commerce websites. See below for more information.

Cold Storage
Jason’s supermarket
NTUC stores plus
Ramanico Delights

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Distributor Details

Name : Nand Ramani
Telephone : 63370130
E-mail : mail@ramanico.com
Address : Ramanico Trading & Investments Pte Ltd
77 High Street ,#01-01 Singapore 179433
Tel: 63370130 Fax: 63388457
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