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Our Story

My name is Mustafa and I started Koita Milk in 2016. (That’s me with my family in the pic!). Each summer, my family and I would travel to my hometown in Chicago, primarily so the kids could spend time with their grandparents (who would spoil them!). On our way back, we would pack at least one suitcase with organic food as it was hard to find quality organic food for my kids in Dubai. 

As a parent, I wanted to give to my kids – Serena, Danyal, and Sophia – the best organic and fresh food possible and I was not alone. With that goal and my passion for healthy living and giving back to my community, I founded Koita Milk to bring quality organic food to parents in the region. 

Not to mention, founding Koita has also helped me travel a little lighter! 

This has been a journey that has taken me to many countries, meeting many people (and cows) around the world: all necessary to bring the cleanest, most delicious, and nutritious milk to your doorstep. 

We listened to you!

We spent three years listening to thousands of parents in the region and their desire to buy “clean milk” for their families. Using focus groups, social media, and other innovative techniques, we designed a customer-driven product people wanted: 

  • Milk free of pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics and preservatives 
  • Healthy and long lasting to keep it fresh even in hot environments 
  • Clean, creamy and fresh taste 
  • Treating cows nicely because happy cows make happy milk 
  • Rigid certification and product regulation 
  • Convenient product sizes & child-safe resealable caps
  • Eco-friendly packaging 

We Searched for You

After understanding what you wanted, we traveled dozens of countries in search of the best milk from the best cows on the best farms; without compromise – just for you. We looked at everything from the treatment of the cows to the environmental impacts of farm operations. After tasting milk all over the world – we found the best milk of all on Italian organic, grass-fed cow farms. 

The Best Milk for You

So, once we learned that happy Italian cows give the best milk, we built the most efficient operations and transportation system possible to bring the milk from Italy to the region.  We are delivering Koita with the lowest environmental impact possible, following strict organic certification regulations, while distributing everywhere in the Middle East, Asia & Africa.

Koita milk is fortified with Vitamins A & D3, is Halal certified, and packed in convenient environmentally-friendly Tetra-Pak (paper, not plastic) packages.

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